• Paint Touch Ups – Rockstar Quality Paint Touch Ups

    We all have minor little scratches, nicks, chips and scuffs in the factory paint of our vehicles surface. It’s just a fact of life when you own a vehicle. But just because these damages happen doesn’t mean that they have to be left to rust. Here at Rockstars Mobile Auto Reconditioning, we have a better way. We are proud to offer our Factory Trained Certified Paint Touch Up Program.

    Factory Trained Paint Touch Up

    At some point during the life span of your vehicle, you will find yourself in need of a touch up. It is just one of those small but very important services you need to extend the life of your vehicle. Maybe your dog decided to jump on your car door or you need rock chip repair from damage caused by those annoying gravel trucks. Rockstars Auto Reconditioning can help, big or small. Whether you have road rash from the highway or you find a key scratch etched into the side of your car when you come out of the mall, there is no need to worry. Rockstars Auto Reconditioning has the answer for all of these headaches, and any others that you can throw at us. Rockstars technicians can professionally match your cars color, no matter how old or new it may be. Our technicians are Factory Trained and Certified, which means they can adjust colors to match your vehicles paint condition. Paint touch ups performed with store bought touch up paint will never patch the factory paint; there are just too many variables. But due to the high level of training our staff receives, we can bleed the new paint with the old without the obvious color differences. It’s like Magic! And our scratch repair techniques are state of the art and designed specifically to prevent more damage to your cars valuable factory finish. Our auto paint systems can fix anything from rust repairs and dent repairs to hairline scratches and auto vandalism!