• Bumper Repair

  • Bumper. The name says it all doesn't it? They exist only to be ..."bumped." The bumper on your vehicle has a tough job, but that doesn’t mean you have let it look the part. Auto bumper repair at most body shops consists of ordering a new bumper, throwing away the damaged one, and installing the new one. A process that is time consuming, costly, and ultimately not very environmentally friendly – but Rockstars Auto Reconditioning has a better way!

  • Rockstars’ Bumper Repair

    Does your vehicle have bumper damage from a stray cart at the grocery store? Did you leave work today to discover your bumper caved in from a hit and run? Perhaps Junior backed into the mailbox on the way to get his license? Scratched, dented, scuffed, torn apart, even if it is hanging from your car, Rockstars Auto technicians can fix it without the cost of a new bumper or turning in a claim to your insurance. We can even repair damage and dents on chrome bumpers!

    Rockstars Auto technicians are widely known in the auto repair industry for bumper repairs that some would say are impossible without replacement, and our work is guaranteed for as long as you own the car! Most traditional shops will only offer to replace, repaint, and re-install a new bumper cover after you have been in an accident, and tell you that is the only way to get a quality repair that will last. “Bologna!” There is no reason to go with the industry standard; it will only cost you or your insurance more money and time than necessary. Why spend the money on your deductible and fill our landfills with this waste, when we can give you the same results with a better warranty in about a day’s time?