Here at Rockstars Auto Reconditioning, if you can drive it in – We can fix it up! But we do more than just throw new parts on your ride like most traditional shops; we can recondition the damaged parts on your car over 90% of the time, and save you valuable time and money in the process! Traditional Auto body repairs at most body shops consist of ordering in a new part and throwing the old part in the dump. Rockstars Auto reconditioning takes a new approach, a “Green” approach.


    Rather than contributing to the landfills, Rockstars Auto Reconditioning contributes to our communities by using a more environmentally conscious approach, as well as a “keep your car original” approach. We will always try to repair the auto body damage instead of just replacing your vehicles original parts with new ones and throwing the damaged parts away. We are proud to say that we restore, repair, renew, and recondition the damaged areas of your vehicle using the best techniques available to help reduce the traditional waste that is so common in the auto body repair industry.