Pot holes, curbs, and your kid’s new bicycle: what do all of these things have in common? When you hit them they can cause rim damage to your vehicle. And don’t worry we won’t say anything about the bike, your secret is safe with us.


Most cars and trucks on the road today are equipped with aluminum alloy wheels that are very easily damaged. And your vehicle is subject to all kinds of potential damage; Curb Damage, Pot Hole Damage or maybe just good old fashion Auto Accident Damage. These scrapes, scratches, chips, dents and road rashes can be unsightly and will always bring down the value of your car at trade in time. And unfortunately the high cost of a new wheel can be a painful reality for most drivers. This can be especially true on high end vehicles such as Jaguar, BMW, Acura, and Mercedes. Just to name a few.


Here at Rockstars Auto Reconditioning, we have a better way to get you rolling again. Instead of paying the high price of a new rim and throwing the old one in the trash, why waste the green in your pocket or the green in the environment when we can quickly fix it for you! Rockstars Alloy Wheel Repair saves Rockstars’ customers a great amount of money and their valuable time. Our wheel repair service can restore the damaged area, without the high cost or waste of buying a brand-new wheel. In addition our wheel refinishing and wheel painting services are available for even the most minor damage. So whether you need rim straightening for a bent rim or just a wheel restoration for your old classic, give Rockstars Auto a call! Or stop by our convenient location just north of Indy and let a Rockstars technician show you the benefits of using our specialty repair services. 317-845-1060

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