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  • What is Rockstars Mobile Auto Reconditioning?

    Rockstars Mobile Auto Reconditioning specializes in providing most exterior cosmetic service that improves the value, appearance, or overall condition of any vehicle. Today’s automotive collision repair market has been undergoing a major change in order to meet the needs of customers growing demands. As the number of vehicles on the road increases by the thousands, the number of accidents and repairs also increases, with a majority of these being small cosmetic repairs. With the fast pace of society and the “Get it done” attitude of our emerging culture, the need for a faster paced repair facility is in high demand. Therefore, the definition of auto reconditioning has began to rise from this idea. Over the years Rockstars Mobile Auto Reconditioning professionals have understood this change with today’s consumer, and have been able to create a unique system catering to these smaller services

  • How did you get started?

    We first began developing our company hand in hand with local Indiana auto dealers, soon after the market for “factory certified” used vehicles began to take concept in the industry. As the demand by consumers to purchase certified used cars began to explode, the need for a professional reconditioning shop became apparent very quickly for most dealerships. They needed a company that could provide each of the cosmetic services required in order to pass the guidelines set forth by the car manufactures. It was in this need that Rockstars Auto Reconditioning was launched years ago in the Indiana marketplace.For our first few years we only provided this concept to the car dealers and developed our services to fit their needs. But as time went by, the demand by consumers to provide these services to the general public began to grow tremendously. 

    Thanks again to all of our returning clients for your business, and thank you for your referrals you have sent our way to get the Mobile Rockstars treatment.